Much attention is centered on the winners of the HVA Awards. However, sometimes it is decimal points that separates them from finalists. This is why the HVA implemented Silver, Gold and Diamond level winners.

Careful consideration is given to who will judge the work and how. The judges are selected from the highest levels of health care and employer organizations. They are assigned to topic areas in which they have expertise. If there is a conflict of interest judges will recuse themselves.. High standards and a rigorous process are implemented. If possible, the review will be blinded.

Judging consists of panels of three which consider and score applicants on a scale of 1-5 over many areas such as: value based purchasing, transparency, specific strategies such as reference based pricing, data analytics, bundled care arrangements, direct provider contracting, outcome measures, evidence that supports the program, quality of data sources, mathematical models and cost savings. The three scores are averaged and five finalists are selected. The top three scorers will be Silver, Gold and Diamond Winners.

In addition to the Judges scoring, the Validation Institute's team of population health scientists score validated categories Pass/Fail for: published literature supporting the intervention's outcome; reliability and credibility of the data source; and proper application of statistical methods.

Applicants and finalists who score four or more on the Institute team's score get one-year membership in the Trusted Community. As a member, the company gains an asset to use with prospects and partners. It offers the credibility of having results independently verified. Members use the Validation Institute seal on their proposals, presentations, and website. Members also have access to the Institute's professional staff for questions or advice on new measures. Validation can open doors to new opportunities, business and ventures.

Honorary categories are selected and draw applicants whose work emulates issues of national importance.

The rigorous, results-based judging is what sets the HVA apart from other awards programs and ensures it continues to be the most respected in the Health industry.

  1. Does the proposal convey an easily understandable value proposition?
  2. Does it provide clear longitudinal data supporting better health outcomes and/or lower cost?
  3. Have the performance metrics been calculated using a credible methodology?
  4. How significant is the value proposition? For example, one that saves 2% of total spend is likely less significant than one that saves 8% of total spend.
  5. Does the proposal offer multiple purchaser testimonials, and are those testimonials attributed to knowable individuals/clients.
  6. Is the approach in question easily scalable to clients in other markets?
  7. Is the approach durable, meaning that its impact on health outcomes and cost remains approximately constant over time?
  8. On a scale of 1-10, how disruptive is the approach? This assumes that more disruptive approaches will be harder to disseminate into the marketplace.
  9. Are there obvious barriers to the approaches' market success?
  10. Is the proposing company confident enough in the approach that it will put some or all of its fees at financial risk against the performance targets it claims it can achieve?
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