1. Reinsurers - Providers of stop-loss coverage to self-insured health plan purchasers. Negotiation of claims. Protection from catastrophe
  2. Commercial Insurers - Providers of “Administrative Services Only” to self-insured health plans, typically under the auspices of major national health insurance carriers (e.g., Blues, United, CIGNA, Aetna, Anthem, Humana)  Does the insurer employ back end solutions to problems?
  3. Third Party Administrators - Independent administrators of self-insured health plans. Improving the claims processing system.
  4. Direct Care Provider: General Inpt - Provision of general inpatient services. Describe the interventions and technologies that were employed.
  5. Direct Care Provider: General Outpt - Provision of general outpatient services. Looking for high performance programs that improve outcomes and reduce costs.
  6. Direct Care Provider: General Primary Care - Provision of general primary care. What is your claim about the program or product?
  7. Direct Care Provider: Specialty Wellness - Provision of wellness services. Dashboards that put together a wellness profile. Helping patients find their own solutions.
  8. Direct Care Provider: Specialty Cardiometabolic - Provision of care for cardiometabolic conditions. Properly intervening on metabolic syndrome. Changing human behavior with success. Can your program stop or reverse cardiometabolic syndrome? What is compelling about your program?
  9. Direct Care Provider: Specialty Musculoskeletal - Provision of musculoskeletal conditions. What is promising about your program? Does it reduce the use of opioids?
  10. Direct Care Provider: Specialty Fertility - Provision of fertility issues. How does the program improve the patient experience?
  11. Direct Care Provider: Specialty Pain Mgmt/Addiction Reduction - Provision of  pain management and/or addiction management services. What is the health impact that facilitated the change? How does the provider manage patients who have been on opiates?
  12. Direct Care Provider: Specialty Cancer Mgmt - Provision of cancer care services. How did the project incorporate evidence based interventions and best practices?
  13. Direct Care Provider: Specialty Imaging - Provision of imaging services.  What are you doing to reduce costs and improve care?
  14. Direct Care Provider: Specialty Reconstructive Surgery - Provision of reconstructive surgical services. What is the value of these services and how are they provided to yield better outcomes at lower cost?
  15. Direct Care Provider: Specialty Dental - Provision of dental services. What collaboration and innovative approaches were used?
  16. Direct Care Provider: Specialty 2nd Opinion - Provision of 2nd opinion services. Where are these services eliminating unnecessary care?
  17. Direct Care Provider: Specialty Destination COE (US) - Provision of domestic Center of Excellence services Super clinic that does packaging, for key services.
  18. Direct Care Provider: Specialty Destination COE (Intl) - Provision of offshore Center of Excellence services. What is unique and high value about the program that attracts patients worlds wide?
  19. Direct Care Provider: Specialty Obstetrics - Provision of obstetric services . What is sustainable about the program?
  20. Program Provider: General - Third party health care management services. What is efficient about these services?
  21. Program Provider: Specialty Cardiometabolic - Third party cardiometabolic management services. Preventing readmissions. Are interventions scalable and enduring? Will the vendor put itself at financial risk?
  22. Program Provider: Specialty Musculoskeletal - Third party musculoskeletal management services. How are these services reducing the need for surgery?
  23. Program Provider: Specialty Cancer Mgmt - Third party oversight of cancer care. Does the vendor have purchaser testimonials?
  24. Program Provider: Specialty Imaging - Third party oversight of imaging services. How did the vendor overcome barriers to success?
  25. Program Provider: Specialty Dental - Third party oversight of dental services. What dafa do you have to support your claims?
  26. 26.Program Provider: Specialty 2nd Opinion - Third party 2nd opinion services. Are less invasive, but effective  and less expensive alternatives offered?
  27. Program Provider: Specialty Obstetrics - Third party oversight of obstetrics services. What articles or studies support your outcomes?
  28. Program Provider: Care Navigation - Third party referral management. How does the program steer patients to the most effective and efficient care?
  29. Program Provider: Specialty Destination COE (US) - Third party management of access to domestic Centers of Excellence  COE s provide the right care at the right time.  Accuracy in diagnosis. Eliminating unnecessary and inappropriate care.
  30. Program Provider: Specialty Destination COE (Intl) - Third party management of access to international Centers of Excellence. What criteria are used to manage these services and does the Third Party meet that?
  31. Reference-Based/Bundled Pricing Services - Management of payment arrangements. Employing cost plus services.
  32. Captive Insurance Pool Managers - Management of captive insurance pool arrangements. A summary of the arrangements’ performance.
  33. Pharmaceutical Manufacturers - Development/Provision of pharmaceutical solutions. How can the costs of drug discovery be equitably shared?
  34. Pharmaceutical Benefits Managers - Drug Distribution Intermediaries How to negotiate  to pass savings on to customers, Making the pharmacy supply chain more efficient.
  35. Specialty Drug Managers - Drug Optimization Advisors to Purchasers (Employees & Unions) Building coalitions to increase purchasing power
  36. Clinical Information Systems: Health Systems - Electronic Health Record Solutions for Health Systems How does the program communicate with and recruit participants?
  37. Clinical Information Systems: Ambulatory Care - Electronic Health Record Solutions for Ambulatory Care Environments.  How many members have been offered this and what are the results of the program?
  38. Health Care Analytics Platforms - Health Care Analytics Tool Suites - identify and manage full continuum for individual and population-level risk
  39. Value Transparency Services - Health Care Pricing/Performance Data Services  Open up how things are vetted.
  40. Medical Claims Review - Medical Claims Evaluation/Audit Services. Is a lower cost, effective alternative available?
  41. Telehealth Providers - Providers of remote health care services through telecommunications technologies.  Performance indices of working with remote health coaches to address health conditions.
  42. Healthcare Finance Innovation
  43. Program Provider Specialty Fertility
  44. Program Provider Specialty Wellness
  45. Program Provider Specialty Pain Mgmt/Addiction
  46. Behavioral Health Management
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